Professional Natural Horsemanship by Cathy Sugden 

The Horseback Heroine

In this video we look at how to help your horse stop pulling away when it gets scared and what you can do to help when things go wrong.

I've been called them all ....The Horseback Heroine, a Badass woman who chased theives on horseback, Wonder Woman, Dick Turpin, brave, and many other names. Mr Smiffy has been up for a Dukedom or something and people keep telling me how amazing this story is.....

Why do horses bolt and what can we do about it? In this video, Cathy explains why horses bolt from the horses perspective and whilst she is trying to help a horse calm his mind after a bolting episode. 

This short video will show you a few things to get right when asking your horse to trailer load for the first time. This 2 minute piece will remind you to see things from the horse's point of view.

In this video we will look at the differences on how to deal with negative emotions in the horse/human relationship by using Whole Hearted Natural Horsemanship principles as taught by Cathy.

How will you know if your horse is happy to go into the sea? In this video, Cathy gives some tips on how to present the sea to your horse in a way that makes it fun and safe for him as well as you :)

Watch The Horseback Heroine in action and see for yourself the results which Natural Horsemanship can achieve. There is a wealth of hints, tips and learning here and on The Horseback Heroine's YouTube Channel.


When our horse becomes argumentative and irritated in his mouth, we often say that maybe we need to change his bit, or bridle. In this video you will see that is just not the case. 

Imagine arriving home from a horse sale with your new 2 year old warmblood filly. She is not afraid of us humans so what would be the first thing you ought to teach her? 

Have you ever wanted to play with your horse on the beach, feeling the sand in between your toes as you run barefoot alongside him?  It takes preparation at home to be able to do this safely.