Cathy's story is unusual in more ways than at first might seem...Take the course of events that caused Cathy and Mr Smiffy to be chasing Post Office robbers at high speed as they made their getaway across the open corn fields at the back of their smallholding on the Romney Marsh, and ask yourself the question 'Would I do that?'

Most would love to think that they would do exactly the same.  On second thoughts, if we consider what 90% of horseback riders would do if they found themselves in the same situation as Cathy, we find a whole different set of questions come to the fore of our minds 'Will my horse go?  Will he stop when I want him to?  Will he buck, bolt or spook?' If this same event had happened over a decade ago Cathy says that she too would have had the same thoughts.

Click the video link to watch a short video of Cathy with Mr Smiffy  recounting this heroic story

Calm, connected and responsive' is the mantra which underpins all of The Horseback Heroine's practice.

Learn to be truly emotionally connected with your horse
 The Horseback Heroine specialises in the unique emotional bond we form with our horses and how this leads to a whole new world of horsemanship. After a life changing event where Cathy Sugden chased robbers on horseback thanks to her trust and understanding of her horse, Mr Smiffy, Cathy has become known as The Horseback Heroine.  Cathy successfully teaches her years of experience to those at their wits end with their horses, when the natural way is so often seen as a last resort. If this is you, then look no further.  Your journey to Wholehearted Natural Horsemanship begins here.


Professional Natural Horsemanship by Cathy Sugden 

The Horseback Heroine