​​Have you ever been in a situation of shattered dreams?  
When the thing you like to do more than anything else in the world, is to spend some quality time relaxing with your horse.  And yet the thing you desire most of all, is causing you to feel so negative about spending time with him that you avoid it at all costs? Why is it for so many that Natural Horsemanship is viewed as a last resort?  In her recent Tedx talk Cathy explains how you can change everything that is wrong in your relationship with your horse.

​​The Horseback Heroine can help you!

​The Horseback Heroine is able to help in those dark moments with your horse, when everything is going wrong.  This site is a resource to help you understand how to read your horse so that you can really develop a great relationship with him.  Put the relationship above everything else.  Learn how to have your horse give you permission to do things with him.  The more you do what is important to him, the more he will offer what you want! 

In the past four years The Horseback Heroine has added another dimension to how she can help others.  She has established the two main negative emotions us human beings experience around horses, when things aren't progressing the way we would like them to.  When we feel that despair that comes upon us when our dreams are slipping from our grasp.  Cathy has spent over 48 months in training with a fully qualified psychotherapist trying to understand these two main emotions and what we can do to keep them in check - by doing it! She truly understands herself more and this in turn has helped her to understand why others behave the way they do.  

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Professional Natural Horsemanship by Cathy Sugden 

The Horseback Heroine

Cathy Sugden aka The Horseback Heroine specialises in the unique emotional bond we form with our horses and how this leads to a whole new world of Wholehearted Horsemanship. 

The emotional connection in Cathy's techniques is paramount to her success with her own horses and a catalogue of clients.  Having spent the past 16 years religiously practising her passion and strengthening her Natural Horsemanship skill set, The Horseback Heroine puts the horse and human relationship above everything else. ​

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